Studio City Space Campaign | Kinect game


UX/UI designer


Studio City


May – June 2018


Kinect – natural (gestural) UI

This was a digital activation Kinect game, part of a wider integrated ‘Space’ themed campaign for Studio City, an entertainment resort in Macau. In this campaign, customers are asked to ‘Be the hero. Save the day.’ With the universe in peril from forces unknown, their mission is to travel to outer space and have close encounters with the weird and wonderful aliens that live there in order to unlock prizes.

In this game, players are bounty hunters, tasked with collecting as many aliens as possible before returning to SC8, the planet where Studio City resides. They do this by moving their arms and upper body to control an on-screen spaceship via Kinect motion sensor. They can play either solo or as 2 players.

The game was displayed on a massive interactive 11-meter LED curved screen mounted on the wall, with a floor stage for guiding the players' to position. On top of designing the UX/UI of the game, I also helped to design the music and SFX, which was – mega fun. Within the first week of launching, the game saw over 5,000 plays by hotel guests.

Art direction: Debbie Fung
Stage design: Celine Setiadi