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Lead UX/UI designer, art direction


Ceylon Tea


August – September 2016

The brief of this campaign was to raise awareness of Ceylon Tea as the world’s pre-eminent premium tea. Digitally, the goal was to direct users to a microsite where users can find engaging content about Ceylon Tea.

// The business challenge
The ‘country of origin’ is becoming less of a selling point for tea brands; the demand for ‘pure’ Ceylon Tea is falling as markets are inundated with multi-origin blends; and former Ceylon loyalists are being drawn to quick brew teas, which is not a strength of the long leaf Ceylon Tea.

// The solution
• To tell the story of Ceylon Tea, including all of its outstanding attributes, in a way that speaks to the consumer on a more emotional level. For example, by co-creating video content with influencers from key markets to showcase different tea drinking cultures and experiences around the world.

• To raise awareness of Ceylon Tea’s Lion mark ‘Symbol of Quality’, and to bring this to life by owning the conversation around tea. Specifically, by asking, ‘what makes the perfect cup of tea’?

Users are first introduced to the ‘Perfect Cup’ campaign, featuring stories by influencers and their love for Ceylon Tea. As they scroll through the site, they learn about the 7 key attributes of Ceylon Tea through a series of beautiful photos.

On the campaign page, users reach beautifully crafted short films by influencers from key markets, showcasing the artisans and their rituals, as well as the experiences of drinking tea in each culture. The stories housed here are also promoted on social media.

Here users find out about the history of Ceylon Tea, how it fits into the culture of Sri Lanka, and the attributes that earn the tea the Lion mark of quality.